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How to Choose the Best Web Programming Language

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I simply love the Java programming language. I love its ease of use, flexibility and
speed, for example. And there are many more reasons why you should love it too, and build most (if not all) of your applications in
Java. For starters, Java is very popular. According to the folks at, Java is the second most popular web
programming language in the world!

However, there comes a time in a programmer's life when he or she must step outside the comfort zone and look at other options.
Maybe your boss has fired you, and now you've got to learn a more modern language (sorry, Fortran and Cobol guys ;). Or you'd like to
get bigger paychecks, because the differences can be quite significant! Maybe you simply like new challenges and want to keep your
brain in good shape, who knows?
Discover what I know and how I
can help you build a great Java
application from scratch.
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Ahoy there!
My name is Edward Bright and I am a Java programmer.

I've been coding since I was a kid, even though I didn't know too many
things back then ;)

Fortunately, I am much better at programming these days, and I am
ready to use my skills for other people's projects. Sorry, but I only take
on paid projects, guys.

So feel free to browse around, am if you like what you see contact me.
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