Key Reasons why Java is the Best Programming Language in the World

Java is a fast and secure programming language. It's not the fastest in the world, I agree, but it's getting closer and closer to the top
with each new release.

According to its makers, Java runs on over 3 billion devices all over the world: computers, gaming consoles, car navigation systems,
medical devices, smart phones, and so much more.

In fact, I've told you that Java runs on lots of devices all over the world, but Java is also used to create applications for space related

Java has been around for more than two decades, so it is safe to assume that it will continue to develop and grow in the future as

It's a platform independent programming language, which means that your Java code and its associated libraries can be run on pretty
much any operating system that has the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed.

Many programmers use it to create applets that show up on various webpages, displaying the current temperature, maps, interactive
widgets, useful tools and so on.

To run your application, a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which can execute Java code, is needed. And pretty much any CPU in the world
is able to run JVMs, giving this programming language the ability to execute applications on a large variety of OSs.

Java is an object-oriented language. If you are a beginner to programming, it helps to understand that through object oriented
programming (OOP), complex applications are broken down into smaller, easier to understand pieces, by creating and then using

OOP simplifies coding and makes it reusable. C++ has made OOP famous, and now Java has taken it to the next level, by incorporating
its key features (and more) in its user-friendly programming language.

I have mentioned that Java is fast in the beginning. It wasn't always that way, though. In fact, Java was criticized because of its slow
speed in the past. But now the virtual machines are much faster, and the CPUs that run them have significantly improved their speeds
as well. This makes Java one of the fastest programming languages, with speeds that sometimes even rival C++!

Java is a secure programming language. It manages memory on its own, so it makes it easier for programmers to code solid applications.
The built-in automatic memory management system helps minimize memory corruption and significantly diminishes the number of
potential vulnerabilities.

Java is built as a secure platform, preserving both the privacy and the integrity of the data that's being transmitted and received over
the network/web.

Here's a tiny dictionary that includes the key terms which are associated with the Java programming language:

- Java refers to the programming language and to the platform that is used to create and run applications.

- Java EE refers to the Java platform, Enterprise Edition.

- Java ME refers to the Java platform, Micro Edition.

- Java SE refers to the Java platform, Standard Edition.

- JVM, meaning Java Virtual Machine, is a piece of software that allows a computer to run a Java application.

- JRE (Java Runtime Environment) includes JVM, the needed libraries and other third-party components that may be needed to run a
Java application.

- JDK, the Java Development Kit, includes JRE and other tools (compilers, and so on) that are helpful when it comes to developing Java
Oracle, the Java owner, has created several easy to follow Java tutorials. You can find them here.
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